How secure is PrivateBag?

All files are transferred across the network securely encrypted.

All files uploaded and temporarily stored on PrivateBag are held on equipment owned and operated at the University's Data Centre.

All data is subject to the University's and the country's Data Protection regulations and laws.

PrivateBag is in no way a "cloud" service. Everything is stored (even temporarily) on equipment directly owned by the University, and managed by ITS Infrastructure staff.

All access to data is very tightly and strictly controlled by the University. All accesses to data on PrivateBag are logged and can be easily checked if you are ever concerned that a 3rd party might have gained access to your data.

Furthermore, uploaded data is only held on PrivateBag for a maximum of 14 days, after which time it is automatically deleted. There is no "undelete" facility available.